There are so many apps out there for your smart phone that allow you to track your appointments, keep track of your finances, and even keep up with friends. I love all of these features, but wondered if I could use my phone to lose weight. I decided to try out a bunch of free apps and found success by using three different types of apps.


Well, now you can relax and enjoy your peace of mind again. Just avail a high-end phone tracking app  This mobile phone monitoring software will enable you to easily track the mobile activities and contacts of your children and make sure they dont mingle with strangers or ill-intended people. The modern mobile monitoring software allows you to keep a watch on the contact list, call history (including calls made, call received and missed calls), SMS history (both sent and received), video files (including taken and downloaded content) and so much more. So, after processing the mobile phone history data you can easily find out whether your kid has been exposed to inappropriate content for its tender age or is seriously involved in any relations that threaten its safety. Thanks to this handy new-age smart solution your child will enjoy its freedom while you will have taken the best measure to discreetly protect your sweetheart.


  Another Android stock app that lets you monitor the stock market is the Yahoo! Finance app. The app features a watch list which contains the stocks that you want to track. A summary of the day's trading and news about the market are also provided. The Yahoo! Finance tech ticker videos are available through the app. Another plus for this app is the fact that it can be saved onto the SD card. Download this app from the Yahoo! Finance app site, or scan the QR code to the right.


 PowerAMP ' This application is for every music lover who wishes to have an enhanced music experience. PowerAMP is the most sought after music player. Powered with user friendly UI. It is attractive to look at and ease of usage will surely be liked by all android users. But for this one you will need to shell out $4.99.


The phone book has been used for decades, but technology and needs have changed. Most phone directories do not offer the ability to find someone's cell phone number. With the hassle of trying to find a cell phone number, or its owner, an online search with an extensive database that covers the largest cell phone carriers in the country is what you need. Along with cell phone numbers, you can also find pager numbers, 800 numbers and more. Again, with the phone book, you are not going to find an unlisted number, but with an online search, you can find the number you need quickly.